History of The Hollywood Riviera

The Hollywood Riviera was the brainchild of Clifford F. Reid, who began developing this area of 604 acres in 1927 for the Huntington Land Company. In Clifford’s eye, the area looked similar to the French Riviera, which he had visited on vacation. Clifford was also entranced by the movie industry, and envisioned this area south of Redondo as being a natural location for the Hollywood set. The first home in the Hollywood Riviera was Clifford’s own, constructed on Via Monte D’Oro. In 1930, The Hollywood Riviera Beach Club was constructed at the site where Miramar Park (also called Dolphin Park for the dolphin statues) now sits. The Club was destroyed in a fire in 1955, which is why the beach area just below Miramar Park is often called “Burn Out” by locals. Though the Depression left the Hollywood Riviera in limbo through the mid-1930s, the end of the war brought increased development as more homes were built. Today, the Hollywood Riviera remains a jewel of the South Bay, with gorgeous views, perfect weather, and a friendly community that thousands are proud to call home.